The purpose of Scouting Guiding is to develop the inherent potential of the young people by providing them a number of structured activities in order to make them physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and emotionally strong and useful citizens of the Nation.

The aim is achieved through a combination of activities and programmes offered at the Unit level and a structured syllabus which offers programmes and activities through progressive Advancement Scheme.

The Progressive Advancement is designed to satisfy the needs of each age group and is contained in APRO Part II for Scout Wing  and in APRO Part III for Guide Wing.


Sections of the Movement

Scout Wing  
Section-     Age Group   -    Name of Unit - Motto

1.Bunny –   03 - 06 years –  Tamtola –      Keep Smiling

2.Cubs –     05 - 10 years –  Cub Pack –      Do Your Best

3.Scout –   10 – 18 years –  Scout Troop –  Be Prepared.

4.Rover –    15 – 25 years –  Rover Crew –   Service

Guide Wing  
Section-     Age Group   -    Name of Unit -    Motto

1.Bunny –   03 - 06 years –  Tamtola –      Keep Smiling

2.Bulbul –   05 - 10 years –  Bulbul Flock –      Do Your Best

3.Guide –   10 – 18 years –  Guide Company – Be Prepared.

4.Ranger – 15 – 25 years –  Ranger Team –    Service.

In addition to the above a special programme for the children of  age group of 3 to 5 years was introduced in the international Year of Child and was named  as “Bunnies”. Their Unit is called Tamtola and the motto of them is  “keep smiling”

Advancement Scheme for Cubs.

Stages of Advancement



Pratham Charan

Dwitiya Charan

Tritiya Charan

Chaturth Charan

Scheme of Advancement of A Bulbul

Stages of Advancement



Komal Panka

Rajat Pankh

Suvarna Panka

Heerakh Pankh

Stages of Advancement of A Scout /Guide

Stages of Advancement



Pratham Sopan

Dwitiya Sopan

Tritiya Sopan

Rajya Puraskar

Rashtrapati Puraskar


Stages of Advancement of A Rover /Ranger.

Stages of Advancement




Rajya Purashkar

Rashtrapati Puraskar


Highest Award for the Youth.

Golden Arrow

Golden Arrow is the highest Award for the Cubs and Bulbuls. This Award is  presented by the President of Bharat Scouts and Guides in a specially organized Award ceremony conducted at National Level. This award was introduced in the 2002.The first Award ceremony was held in the year 2003.

Rashtrapati Scout /Guide Award.

Rashtrapati Scout / Guide Award is the highest award for a Scout / Guide. The Award is presented by Rashtrapatiji (the President of India) at a special investiture ceremony. The Rashtrapati Scout /Guide Award was introduced in the year 1961.

Rashtrapati Rover / Ranger  Award.

Rashtrapati Rover / Ranger  Award is the highest award for a Rover / Ranger  . The Award is presented by Rashtrapatiji (the President of India) at a special investiture ceremony. The Rashtrapati Rover / Ranger Award was introduced in the year 1971.


The programmes of the Scout /Guide Movement is based on the activities of Open air including camping and hiking these activities are organized from the Unit level to National level. The following are some important activities organized at national and Regional level annually.

Cubs and Bulbuls.

Cub Bulbul Utsav – Cub Bulbul Utsav are gathering of the Cub and Bulbuls in which opportunities are provided to the Cub and bulbuls to enjoy the activities specially carved out for them and also help them to demonstrate their skills and talents. Some of the activities in the camp/utsav are demonstration of Cub Bulbul Greetings, Decoration of Bulbul Tree, enacting the Jungle Stories, Jungle Dances ,exhibitions, play acting are organized during the Utsav.

The Evening activities of the Cub’s are known as Red Flower and the bulbul’s is known as Kalarav where the Cubs and Bulbuls present their skills and talents in cultural presentation.

Scouts and Guides.

Adventure Activities, Coastal Trekking, Desert Trekking, Himalayan Trekking, Skating Tour, Water Activities, Nature Study Camps Patrol Leaders Jamborettes, Youth forum, Patrol Leaders Training Programme, National Integration Programmes, Inter-state Cultural exchange programmes etc., are organized at Regional and National level. Training programmes on First-aid, Map Reading, Star gazing, disaster Preparedness are organized.

Awareness activities on Peace and Harmony, AIDS/HIV, Anti-Tobacco, Anti –Drug etc. and Jamboree On the Air and Jamboree on the Internet are held every year.

Rovers and Rangers.  

Rover Ranger Samagam ( National Gathering of Rovers and Rangers), Rover Moot / Ranger Meet. Rover Service Camps, Adventure Programmes, Trekking Camps etc.

Jamboree – The Jamboree is a National level gathering of the Scouts and Guides conducted once in 4 years or to mark a special occasions. The Jamboree give the Scouts and Guides an opportunity to interact with the young people from different states of India and from abroad. The young people share their customs, food habits, handicraft, religious practices, culture etc with one another. They live under the canvas for a weeks period and participate in various activities.