Youth Training

Training to the entrants is given in patrols/troops/companies and groups by competent Trainers through discussions, skill demonstration in Camps and participation in community development programmes. Camps are organised at various levels. Tours, Excursions, Cub/Bulbul Utsav, Rover/Ranger Samagam, Rallies, National Integration Camps, National Jamborees, Conferences (both at national and international) etc., provide opportunities to exchange ideas interaction and learning by doing.

The A.P.R.O Part II and APRO Part III specify the training activities in respect of all the sections both for Scouts wing and Guide Wing. These training programmes from Pravesh go upto Rashtrapati Scout/Guide and Rashtrapati Rover/Ranger. Details are given below:










3 to 6 years

No particular advancement scheme for them




5 to 10

1. Pravesh
2. Pratham    Charan/Komal Pankh
3. Dwitiya Charan/Rajat  Pankh
4. Tritiya Charan/Swaran Pankh
5. Chaturth Charan/Heerak Pankh

A Chaturtha Charan Cub/ a Heerak Pankh Bulbul having earned totally eight Proficiency Badges will be awarded a special Badge called “Golden Arrow”

1 month
3 months

6 months

9 months



10 to17

1. Pravesh
2. Pratham Sopan
3. Dwitiya Sopan
4. Tritiya Sopan
5. Rajya Puraskar
6. Rashtrapati Scout/Guide Award
Proficiency Badges


6 months
9 months
9 months
6 months
9 months


Rover / Ranger

16 to25

1. Pravesh
2. Praveen
3. Nipun
4. Rashtrapati Rover/Ranger Award

Proficiency Badges

12 months
12 months
12 months


       (A)         Extension Scouting

  (B)         Sea Scouting

  (C)         Air Scouting

       (D)         Venture Club Scheme:


o        To retain out going youth in the organization for a long period

o        To develop leadership competencies in the youth

o        To develop physical efficiency

o        To promote harmony with nature

o        To engage youth in constructive activities in their spare time

Formation: The venture clubs will be formed in a locality of village with a       minimum membership of 8 members.

Registration: Each venture club will be required a register with their respective State Association through Local/District Association with prescribed fee. Each club will be issued a Charter on the recommendation of LA/DA by the state association.

Area: A club will be organized for a locality, mohalla, village, factory, institution or a Government Department of public service.

Name of the Club: Each club will be named after a National Hero or Heroine.

Membership: Open to all citizens of India without discrimination of creed, caste or religion living in the locality and willing to accept the Fundamentals of The Bharat Scouts & Guides and accept the rules of the club having basic education and sound physic, sound mind. Age 18 and above. Preferably up to 40 years of age. Willing member will be invested ceremonially on accepting the Promise & The Law after completion of the Pratham Sopan test requirement of a Scout.


Cap:                                Cap in blue colour with BS&G Logo

Shirt:                               Grey shirt or T-shirt of BS&G pattern

Scarf:                              Specially designed scarf for the unit

Trousers:                          Navy blue pant/ Jeans with two additional  Pocket on  

                                       both legs beside knees.

Pouch:                             A black pouch with belt worn around waist.

Footwear:                         Black Hunter Shoes or Sports Shoes

Following will be worn at the time of participating in the adventure activities.

Programme: Local Games , Races, Kusti-Malkam-Yoga, Martial Arts, Adventure Games, Adventure Tour, Wide Game/Rush Game, Cycle/Motor Cycle Hike, Rock Climbing, Nature Ramble, Skating, Observation & Deduction, Expedition, Night Hiking, Exploring, Photography, Camping, Environmental Education, Swimming, Nature Collection.

Advanced Adventure Activities: Mountaineering, Skating, Ice-skating, Para-sailing, Gliding, Water Sports, Population Education Badge, Rambler Badge, Star Gazing.

Scouting activities to be promoted by Venture Clubs as part of their regular programme: Prayer, Fundamentals of Scouting/Guiding, Test up to Dwitiya Sopan and Praveen, First Aid, Pioneering, Map Reading, Map Making, Rescue and Fire Fighting, Backwoodsman cooking.



Pachmarhi, The National Training Centre
Situated at an altitude of 1067 metres surrounded by the profuse greenery of the hills bridal paths and tranquil forest glades, Pachmarhi.

Location and History:
Situated at an altitude of 1067 metres surrounded by the profuse greenery of the hills bridal paths and tranquil forest glades, Pachmarhi - the most verdant jeel of Satpura Range, also called as Queen of Satpura situated in Madhya Pradesh State of India has a place of eminence in the Scouting and Guiding Movement too as it houses the National Training Centre-a temple of learning for the trainees.
The story goes back to the year 1934
when Col. J.S. Wilson, the then Camp Chief of International Training Centre at Gilwell conducted a Wood Badge course at Pachmarhi
pic Training Programes :
The Training Centre
conducts several Training Courses all round the year. Courses for Leader Trainers, Assistant Leader Trainers, Pre Assistant Leader Trainers, Himalaya Wood Badge Courses, Reorientation Courses for Trainers, Courses for Commissioners, specialized courses and workshops are conducted.

The triennial meet of trainers - Sandhan is held here. Big usual gathering of Rovers and Rangers - Samagam and standard Judging Competitions are also held. The centre is equipped with competent members of the Training Staff who are functioning under the leadership of the Deputy Directors of Training of both the wings.

National Adventure Institute :
In order to offer more opportunities to young people, not only to the members of BS & G, but also to the young non-members. Bs & G started the National Adventure Institute in 1992. The Foundation Stone was laid by Shri V.P. Deendayalu Naidu, the then National Commissioner.

This has opened avenues to youth to enjoy nature through adventure activities, living in the open air, trekking, rock climbing, night scouting, etc. This Institute is growing day by day in strength and popularity. It has now been brought on the tourist map of the Tourism Departments Madhya Pradesh Government.

Youth from all corners of the country have been exposed to the activities. Thousands of Youths have so far participated in adventure programmes.

This Institute celebrates its anniversary on 9th May. SAARC Adventure programme was conducted in Nov. - 1997, and other International Adventure Programme took place in February 2000.

Many other International events are being organised. Many countries have been taking keen interest in this National Adventure institute programmes.

The sacred cave
of jata Shankar

Places of Interest :
The magnificence of nature has found exquisite expressions in myriad enchanting ways in the hill resort-PACHMARHI.

A visitor to the National Training Centre enjoys his stay by having glimpses of the valley, ravines, maze of gorges sculpted by water and weather, flowering plants (over 1300 varieties) butterflies (of 50 types). The fascinating animal & bird kingdoms mesmerize the visitors. Pachmarhi is a trekkers paradise.

One can walk through the shady bridle path ribboning through deep and lovely dark-green woods.

This area is also an archaeological treasure house. It has some of the best cave shelters having prehistoric paintings.

There are some religious places, a national park and a museum of rich flora & fauna in bison house constructed in 1862.

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