International Events

‘Asia Pacific Regional Conference for Leaders of Girls’ - Mrs. K.V.Rama Lakshmi

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts organised Asia Pacific Region Conference for Leaders of Girls’ conducted at Tagaytay City, Philippines from 18th to 23rd April 2018. 42 members from 16 Asia Pacific Countries participated in the Conference. Mrs. K.V.Rama Lakshmi, PRT and Adv Guide Captain of KV No.1, Uppal and Mrs. G. Kameshwari, PRT and HWB of KV, Begumpet represented The Bharat Scouts and Guides in this event. Ms. Mary Belle D. Marinas, Chair, Asia Pacific Committee gave Welcome Greetings during the Inaugural ceremony. The motto of the Conference was Learn, Lead, Inspire.

On 20.04.2018, All the members reached Nature Camp. There sessions were conducted in the huts. We were given different tasks on different mindsets. All the group activities were done with a lot of interest, zeal and enthusiasm.

International Night was celebrated in the evening. All the participants were in their traditional dress and presented their food items. The participants presented an item like skit, dance, game, song etc. on the occasion.

On 21.04.2018, the participants had interaction with different people. What great ideas can the participants take home? How can they adapt these ideas to work in their environment? The answers given by our group were appreciated by our mentor, Ms Andii.

In the evening there was an exhibition of the activities done in their countries by Guide Captains or Girl Guides.

In this Conference Mrs. Ramalakshmi showcased activities conducted in Hyderabad such as community service on ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, Health and Hygiene in an upper primary school, Tree plantation in the lanes where there were no trees, Malnutrition and their ill effects on the Village Women and Enlightened about the necessity of education for their children through power point presentation. It sought the appreciation of all.

We exchanged our ideas and interacted with each other. Thus came to know the activities of Scouts and Guides in other parts of the world.

On 22.04.2018, we were given some questions and we have to write our answer on the balloons. Music was played. We should throw the balloons to others. When the music stops, whoever has the balloon, should answer the question. The Indian video depicting ‘a small boy tries to remove a big tree trunk, fallen in the middle of the road’ was shown. This video sought the appreciation of all.

In the evening, we all assembled in the ground. Planning team members gave us ‘Thank you cards’ on which all the Planning team members signed. Names of the participants were written on the cards.

All the participants sang songs, performed dances and played games. We also made the participants play, ‘Fire on the Mountain’ and sang the song ‘Ham Honge Kaamyab,...’ during the camp fire.

Dr. Fe Violeta B. Taring, Chairperson, National Training Committee, Girl Scouts of Philippines and Ms. Meghana Belavadi, Member of World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and Chairperson of Asia Pacific Region Conference for Leaders of Girls’ were Guests in the closing ceremony. Certificates were awarded for participating in the Asia Pacific Region Conference Successfully.

Thus our trip came to an end leaving memories with a positive note. It was a great experience to interact with many International Girl Guides and knowing the activities done in their countries, sharing our experiences with them etc. All the participants were very cheerful and helpful. All of us worked like sisters. After attending My heartfelt thanks are to the Officials of Bharat Scouts and Guides, who interacted with the officials of Asia Pacific Region Conference and did all the arrangements, for attending the Conference.

Regional Events

Northern Region

Cultural Exchange Program with Boy Scouts of America

On April 22, 2018 Shri Arup Sarkar, Assistant Director, Northern Region along with four Rovers and one Ranger of Ramjas Group, Delhi State met Ms. Jennifer Hancock, Mr. Chris Sawyer, Senior Program Development Specialist and 3 boy/girl Scouts from Boy Scouts of America. BSG contingent met them at Red Fort, New Delhi on 22.04.2018in the morning. They visited Delhi for a day and shared their Scouting practices, cultures and principles in exchange with those of the Bharat Scouts and Guides. They discussed about the set-up, Badge Progress for youth, Rashtrapati Award, Training Centres, Unit Leaders` advancement, adventure Institute of Bharat Scouts and Guides. They also discussed about BSG`s participation in Global projects, Ticket to Life Projects etc. The day ended with happy gestures and Scouting, i.e. - Giving!!! Both the groups exchanged Scarves, T-shirts and other Souvenirs as a token of Love and gratitude.